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Missing Link - Hightower Long Travel Conversion Link (In stock!)

Missing Link - Hightower Long Travel Conversion Link (In stock!)



With the Missing Link you can upgrade your standard Santa Cruz Hightower to a long travel version. You can even convert your stock Hightower LT to accept a metric shock.

The link comes with new Enduro bearings installed and is compatible with the linkage parts on the bike and follows all the Santa Cruz link service procedures.

As part of the upgrade, you will need a metric 210x55 shock with 8mm x 22mm bushings.

The stock flip chip is used to achieve 150mm or 145mm of travel. With the Missing Link, the flip chip does not change geometry, but it does provide more bottom out clearance between the tire and seat tube. Most tires clear with 150mm of travel (upper chip position) but if you are running extra large tires you may need to run the link at 145mm (lower chip position).

Geometry relative to the Hightower "Low" setting are listed below. The position of the suspension (with sag) may vary depending on your suspension settings.

Pivot axle torque setting: 60 in-lb.

Here are some places you can find a shock: