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Boxxer Offset Crown Kit (2019+)

Boxxer Offset Crown Kit (2019+)



These are not in stock yet, but we are taking pre-orders. If you want a kit, just go ahead and place an order and we will get in touch with you right away.

Adjustable offset crown kit for Rock Shox Boxxer forks 2019+. The weight, strength, and stiffness are on par with the stock crown assembly.

Make sure to read the Insert Selection, and Assembly pages before installing your inserts.

The kit includes:

  • Both crowns
  • Steer tube
  • Pair of orange inserts (-10mm/+8mm)
  • Pair of gold inserts (-8mm/+6mm)
  • Pair of green inserts (-6mm/+4mm)
  • Pair of black inserts (-2mm/+0mm)

The stem positions are located at +8mm, 0mm, and -8mm. You can use the corresponding inserts so the stem tracks your offset to maintain the same stem reach, or you can position the stem wherever you prefer.