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Boxxer Offset Crown Kit

Boxxer Offset Crown Kit



Adjustable offset crown kit for Rock Shox Boxxer forks through 2018. The weight, strength, and stiffness are on par with the stock crown assembly.

Make sure to read the Insert Selection, and Assembly pages before installing your inserts.

The kit includes:

  • Both crowns
  • Steer tube
  • Pair of orange inserts (-10mm/+8mm)
  • Pair of gold inserts (-8mm/+6mm)
  • Pair of green inserts (-6mm/+4mm)
  • Pair of black inserts (-2mm/+0mm)

The stem positions are located at +8mm, 0mm, and -8mm. You can use the corresponding inserts so the stem tracks your offset to maintain the same stem reach, or you can position the stem wherever you prefer.