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Shipping FAQ:

  1. Do you ship internationally? Yes. Depending on the country, we will use either USPS or FedEx. In rare cases, we will use DHL and when we send you the tracking number, we will let you know.
  2. How do I receive an international shipment? Please make sure to have your shipment sent to a location where you (or someone you trust) will be there to receive it and sign for it. Outsider Bikes does not control whether you must sign to receive your shipment, but frequently this is required by the shipping company. After a few unsuccessful delivery attempts, shippers will return the package, which will be a hassle and cost you more to ship a second time. If you are shipping to a business address, always enter the business name as the first line of the shipping address, and your name on the second line.
  3. How are US shipments sent? Through USPS.
  4. How do I pay? The website is a shopify e-commerce site which allows you to pay with a credit card or PayPal account. Just place your order right through the website.
  5. How much does it cost to ship internationally? There are flat rates per country, and you will see the cost before you pay. While the customer does not see it, Outsider Bikes covers part of the shipping cost for most international shipments in order to keep the costs reasonable and predictable to the customer.
  6. Can you ship as a gift and/or list a low value to minimize or avoid customs fees? Typically packages are shipped as gifts and listed at a value of $50 or less to minimize customs fees.
  7. How long does shipping take? Most shipments go out within 1-2 business days. For US shipments, transit time is usually 2-4 days. For international shipments, transit time can range from 1-3 weeks. The further you are from the US, the longer it will take. 
  8. Can I change my address after I placed my order? This is not easy, so please make sure to enter the correct shipping address. If you absolutely must change it, please email right away. Due to fraud risks, I can refund your order and you will need to place a new one with the correct address. If the shipment has been sent already, there will be an additional charge for the return and second shipment.
  9. What packaging do you use? Crown kits are wrapped in plastic and newspaper, and packed in corrugated cardboard boxes. Links are wrapped in plastic and newspaper, and packed in padded envelopes. There are no paper invoices or logos on the packaging in order to keep costs low, and aid in customs clearance. Order confirmations come via email and assembly instructions are on the website. Plus, why have more waste material?
  10. What if I have a special shipping request? If you need to arrange a specific shipping company, packaging method, or have another special request, please email us before placing an order and we will support you.