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Fork offset adjustment is a chassis tuning variable commonly used in motorcycle racing to tune handling, and the benefits can apply to bicycles as well. Adjusting offset changes the trail, which is the major variable that governs the steering characteristics, having a critical influence on bike handling. 

There are minimal tuning compromises for offset adjustment compared to the conventional approach of adjusting head tube angle.This is because changes to offset minimize the effect on other variables, such as bottom bracket height, seat tube angle, squat ratio, and wheelbase. 

Reducing offset increases trail, which increases the steering stability. An increase in offset has the opposite effect.

Outsider offset crown kits are designed to allow quick and easy inserts changes. Offset can be used to tune for different courses, rider preference, wheel and tire size changes, wheel and tire mass changes, and “future proofing” your frame and fork due to the ever changing geometry trends.

Knowing how to set your offset inserts is not hard. Forks come stock with offset as shown in the table below, and our “0mm” will always be the stock position. The more negative the setting, the more stable the steering will be. The more positive the setting, the lighter the steering will be.

Unsure about which offset to select?

Our offset range is designed to maximize offset reduction possibilities. If you are not sure which insert to start with, we recommend starting with a -8mm or -6mm insert position. But of course be sure to confirm your frame compatibility before installing inserts. 

Stock Offsets

Wheel Diameter Fox 40 Stock Offset Rock Shox Boxxer Offset
26" 45 mm 42 mm
27.5" 52 mm 48 mm
29" 58 mm 56 mm


Insert Table

Insert (mm) Color Handling in - Orientation Handling in + Orientation
-2mm/+0mm Black Stock *Light
-6mm/+4mm Green **Stable *Light
-8mm/+6mm Gold **Stable **Light
-10mm/+8mm Orange ***Stable **Light


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