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Frame Compatibility

You should always check the full stroke of your fork when you install inserts for the first time to ensure there is clearance between the arch and your frame.


The Fox 40/49 arch overlaps the frame at bottom out. Some frames have large diameter head tubes. For Fox forks and extremely low offsets such as -10mm, some frames may contact the arch at bottom out. If you have this issue, there are 2 ways to address it

1. You can extend the fork stanchions in the clamps.
2. You can avoid running offsets that allow bottom out contact.

As shown below, this frame and the -10mm insert has clearance. However, some frames with larger head tube diameters will cause the arch to contact the head tube.

Solution #1

As shown below, clamp the fork stanchions in the crown so that the arch does not contact the frame at bottom out.

Solution #2

You can run less aggressive inserts until you have clearance as shown below. This table provides a guide.

Offset (mm)  Maximum Head Tube Diameter (mm)
-10 61
-8 65
-6 69 

Always check the full travel of your fork when running a new offset for the first time to ensure that there are no contact points between your fork and frame. Failure to adhere to these compatibility limits will void the warranty and can result in severe injury and death, as well as damage to your bicycle.