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Install the headset race.

Determine the cut-length of your steer tube, and cut it with a pipe cutter. Make sure to remove all distorted material and sharp edges. Then install the start nut.

Very important! Read the Frame Compatibility and Insert Selection pages and then select your inserts.

Make sure the lower clamp and insert mating surfaces are clean and dry. Install one insert in the lower crown and make sure your steer tube and insert are pushed firmly down to the bottom of the stops. 

Tighten the M6 fastener. Check that the steer tube is clamped tightly by attempting to rotate it in the clamp after tightening. It should not rotate.

Install the the steer tube with lower crown, and the upper crown with insert and adjust the pre-load on your headset.

Install your stem in the desired location.

Slide the fork to the correct position:

  • Make sure your seals will not hit the lower clamp.
  • If you have a Fox 40 and you are running a low offset, make sure the arch will not hit the frame. Read the Frame Compatibility page.

Tighten the M6 fastener in the upper crown.

Tighten the M5 fasteners. Repeat the fasteners in the lower stanchion clamps at least once to ensure they have equal torque. Do not over tighten them!

Insert Changes

Use a strap to hold the fork so it will not slide out. Then remove the stem and upper clamp.

Leave the lower crown clamped onto the stanchions and remove the lower insert.

Make sure the clamp and inserts mating surfaces are clean and dry, and install a new insert. 

Install the fork to the steer tube and make sure your steer tube and insert are pushed firmly down to the bottom of the stops. Tighten the M6 fastener.

Complete the assembly as per the installation instructions above.

Fastener Torque

  • M5 stanchion clamps: 3-4 N-m. Do not exceed 4 N-m and do not allow the slot in the clamp to be less than 1mm (the thickness of a standard M5 washer).
  • M6 steer tube clamp on upper crown: 7-8 N-m.
  • M6 steer tube clamp on lower crown: 8-9 N-m.

Part Description

 Item Number Description
1 Steer Tube
2 Insert
3 Upper Crown
4 Lower Crown
5 M5 Screw
6 M6 Screw