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The Outsider Bikes adjustable offset crowns have been developed over the last 2 years with pro riders Kiran MacKinnon and Nathan Riddle. Our kits are available for the Rock Shock Boxxer and Fox 40, and match the weight, strength, and stiffness of the stock crowns.

Who is behind Outsider Bikes?

Aaron Bland is an engineer with a background in electric vehicle technology and 2 wheel chassis. He led the development of the Brammo Empulse electric motorcycle and served as lead chassis engineer for Brammo Racing, where he developed electric motorcycle chassis designs and patents. He worked for PDC Racing and founded Function Bikes. He is an avid cyclist and designs and builds bicycles and yes… ebikes. He currently develops electric propulsion systems for autonomous delivery drones for Amazon.

He has worked with professional motorcycle racers such as Eric Bostrom, Shelina MoredaShane Turpin, and Steve Atlas and has served on the Brammo Racing at high profile electric motorcycle races held at the Isle of Man and during MotoGP events such as Laguna Seca and Indianapolis.

“Aaron Bland and I worked for several seasons together on the development of the Brammo eSuperbike and eSupersport bike. Aaron’s “can do” attitude was the major factor in turning a very difficult project into a very stimulating one. We had many issues we faced in the development of these machines, most notably a lack of recourses. Onboard, the bike rode more like a bucking bronco than a finely tuned technological masterpiece. Aaron and the team dedicated after hour evenings and weekends to find solutions to the many problems we faced. Through center of gravity redistribution, front offset, wheelbase, and most importantly squat ratio, the wild beast of a motorcycle was eliminated. The end result was as if you were riding a magic carpet. The Empulse RR is the most unique, sneaky fast motorcycle I have ever ridden. Aaron’s ability to sniff out the root out a problem and push his knowledge to find a solution is the beyond any other engineer I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with”.

-Eric Bostrom